Meter Data Management Solution

Meter Data Management System

Remotely validate, estimate, edit, provision, control & configure smart meters

Smart meters generate a quantum of data, requiring an effective solution for collecting, validating, analyzing and reporting said data. Esyasoft’s expertise in Meter Data Management cannot be underestimated: our MDM Solution is a highly scalable enterprise application, acting as a central data repository. It offers a simplified interface environment, reliable business rules, interactive interfaces, insightful data analytics & MIS Reports. It can be easily integrated with existing utility applications and significantly reduces the likelihood of errors when utilizing meter data.

Market Guide for Meter Data Management

Esyasoft recognized in the 2019 Gartner Market guide for Meter Data Management.    Read more

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Smart Meter Configuration & Demand

Our solution provides the interface to interact with the meters from the control center through the specific configuration and command provision existing with the smart meter.

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Real-time Notifications

Real time alert and alarm generation feature through SMS/ Email alerts notifies employees regarding faults, outages, thefts, meter communication status, network status, w.r.t. voltage, load and other parameters.

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Validation, Estimation & Editing

Implementation of Validation, Estimation & Editing through a wide choice of available rules, ensuring data availability, reliability and quality.

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Energy Accounting

Network level energy accounting calculates energy balance and AT&C loss. Pattern Analysis leads to identification of technical & non-technical losses in the system. Interactive dashboards give a near real-time view into LT losses, DTR loss, AT&C losses, billing efficiency etc.

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Billing Determinant Calculator

Smart meter readings can be integrated with existing billing applications through this module. It calculates and shares the parameters required by the billing application as per the billing rules.

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Prepaid Metering Support

The capability of performing transactions associated with prepaid metering. Supports and monitors features such as low balance intimation, recharge information, current balance etc.

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Seamless Integration

MDM provides seamless integration across meter vendors and external modules. Our system integration module supports change management.